Monday, November 9, 2020

Which REIT is leading in the race?


Did you place the bet for these 3 groups?
Group 1 race is too high for me, I prefer under value and growing REITs. 
Group 2 race, my MCT is on the 3rd place, hopping to catch up MLT.
Group 3 race, I got FLCT and CRCT in the race. Switch out Suntec REIT to replace by FLCT. Sold Suntec REIT on ex date, buy FLCT at the low @$1.24.

There are too many REITs, I only select these few for fun of racing. 
Do your own research before buying, this is not a buying or selling advise.

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Which REITs is leading the race? End Nov 2020

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